Zimbabwe Pensioners Association

“Keeping the Flame alive”

Last updated 24th May 2019

Calling all Zimbabwean Pensioners:

The FLF established the Zimbabwe Pensioners’ Association (ZPA) project to effectively address the non-payment of Zimbabwean / Rhodesian Pensioners in South Africa. By April 2005, over 1600 responses had been received on the form provided below.

After Zimbabwe adopted the US Dollar as their official currency in 2009, the Pensions Master of the Zimbabwe Government asked the FLF to inform all government pensioners in South Africa that they could apply for their pensions to be reinstated. As a result, over 500 Zimbabwe Government pensioners had their pensions restored; payments started in mid-2012 and continued until November 2017 when no further forex was made available.

If you are entitled to a pension of any kind from Zimbabwe (government, corporate or personal annuity), contact the ZPA for additional information.

Zimbabwe Pensioners Association
PO Box 95474 

South Africa

E-mail: zimpensioners@iafrica.com 
Fax: +27 (12) 460 2066

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