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Last updated 24th May 2019

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Pension Problems

Before payment of pensions outside Zimbabwe ceased altogether, The FLF was able to help its members who have problems in communicating with the Zimbabwe Pensions Office in Harare. Because the National Office had a direct liaison link to the Pensions Office, the FLF often succeeded in getting a response when individuals failed.

The British Government has failed to meet its moral obligation to assist Rhodesian Public Service pensioners who have been deprived of their pensions, despite insisting that Southern Rhodesia was a British colony until granting independence to Zimbabwe in 1980. However, the Overseas Service Pensioners Association (OSPA) in the UK, through their Benevolent Society, has generously assisted a number of indigent Rhodesian Public Service pensioners who were in government service prior to 11 November 1965. Applications for such assistance, and administration of grants awarded by the OSPBS, is done through the FLF’s National Office in Pretoria.

In addition, the FLF has set up a project which is designed to help Zimbabwe pensioners in South Africa, some of whom have received no remittance from Zimbabwe since January 2001, to have their pensions restored. See our Zimbabwe Pensioners Association page for details.

Affordable Accommodation

In addition to providing limited accommodation for pensioners at Stilfontein, the FLF has assisted members to find Affordable Accommodation elsewhere. Branches can provide information on homes for the aged in their geographical area.

Citizenship and Immigration

Through close cooperation with other agencies in Pretoria, the National Office has assisted individuals and families with problems related to citizenship and immigration to South Africa.

Social and Welfare

Through social events and activities, the FLF provides a cushion against culture shock for new immigrants, and has been instrumental in re-uniting friends and family members who had lost contact with one another. In providing a sympathetic ear at the end of a telephone line, the FLF has been able to help lonely people to adjust to difficult circumstances.

In deserving cases, the FLF assists those who have fallen on hard times, or have been unable to cope with their own financial circumstances. This is done without fanfare, and an individual’s confidentiality and dignity is respected. Where a problem is spiritual or medical in nature, we endeavour to point the sufferer in a direction where professional help is available.

Cultural Services

The National Office has a comprehensive reference library for research on Rhodesian history and culture. Students and members interested in a particular item of Rhodesian history may utilise the library, or ask for specific information.

The FLF also has a collection of Rhodesian Information Service (RIS) films, and has made these available for showing or production of video material and DVDs.

Specific events that form part of Rhodesian heritage are promoted, such as the centenary of Rhodesia in September 1890, and the centenary of a Rhodesian military engagement in August 1900, during the Anglo-Boer War. The FLF conducts, or is represented at, memorial services for those who died in the service of their country, especially on Remembrance Sunday (the nearest Sunday to 11th November).

Rhodesian memorabilia and symbols are collected and promoted, both to remind people of their roots as well as being sold to raise funds for the objects of the FLF.

Documents and items of special historical value are collected for research and posterity, and are housed appropriately. A large collection of Rhodesian records have been stored in the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol, UK, as part of a collection handed over by the FLF to the Rhodesian Army Association (RAA).

The FLF initiated the Rhodesian Forces Memorial Project to establish a Memorial and Wall of Remembrance in the Gauteng Province by 11th November 2007, to honour the memory of those who lost their lives on active service for Rhodesia. See Rhodesian Rolls of Honour for more information.

Information Services

The National Office is a nodal point for information of interest to members. Branches distribute information to members by way of newsletters, and the National Office publishes an annual magazine, The Rhosarian. Information of interest to specific subscribers is also disseminated via e-mails.

The FLF also acts as the agent for Rhodesians Worldwide magazine subscribers in South Africa.

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