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Last updated 18th April 2019


Governments are generally responsible for publishing national Rolls of Honour for members of their security forces who lost their lives while on active service for their country. In addition, memorials to their war dead are erected to perpetuate their remembrance, and for survivors and future generations to pay their respect.

The political Party that took over the government of Zimbabwe in 1980 was determined to denigrate Rhodesians, in particular those who had fought and died in the service of Rhodesia from November 1965. Therefore there is no memorial in Zimbabwe to government Security Force members who died during the so-called Bush War.

The FLF set up the Rhodesian Forces Memorial Project to honour Rhodesians who died in the service of their country between 1965 and 1980. The intention was to provide a permanent memorial and, in so doing, to produce a comprehensive Roll of Honour of Rhodesia’s war dead, in the absence of an officially published record.


The Roll of Honour has been researched, compiled and published by Mara du Toit from sources in print and on the internet, together with input from the Rhodesian Diaspora. This includes all known Rolls of Honour in books and on websites, and several private databases. While every effort has been made to correct previously published errors and ensure accuracy, there are still mistakes, omissions and duplications. Acknowledgements are published in the Rolls of Honour CD.

Separate Rolls of Honour

A separate Roll of Honour has been compiled for each component of the Rhodesian Forces: British South Africa Police; Rhodesian Army; Rhodesian Air Force; Guard Force; Internal Affairs.

British South African Police: (BSAP – ROH)

Rhodesian Army: (Army – ROH)

Rhodesian Air Force: (Airforce – ROH)

Guard Force: (Guard Force – ROH)

Internal Affairs: (Internal Affairs – ROH)

All Rhodesian Forces: (Complete Armed Forces – ROH)

An incomplete Book of Remembrance for Civilian: (Book of Remembrance – Rhodesian Civilians) is also provided.

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Ian Douglas Smith Epigraph: (Ian D Smith Epigraph)

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The Mobile Memorial

The initial intention was to erect a static memorial in the Johannesburg area, dedicated to the memory of all Rhodesians who died on active service between 1965 and 1980. However, various factors arose which resulted instead in a mobile memorial, which could easily be transported and erected wherever a remembrance service would be held. The Mobile Memorial comprises the Rolls of Honour, flags and badges of all the Forces, the Armorial Bearings of Rhodesia, and a large scale operational areas map of Rhodesia.

The components of the Mobile Memorial can, if required, be housed or displayed in a suitable museum, or form part of a static memorial at some future date.

The last item required for the Mobile Memorial was a custom designed trailer, which could be used to transport the accoutrements by road. The funds to purchase this trailer were from donations. The trailer is now housed in is safe and secure place, ready for use when required.

CDs and DVDs

The CD contains the Rolls of Honour, as well as an incomplete Civilian Book of Remembrance listing those killed by terrorist activity.

A DVD covers the Remembrance Service on 11 November 2007, as well as a large number of film clips and photos of Rhodesian Forces taken during the of period 1965-1980, with a background of martial music played by bands of the Rhodesian Army and Police.


The CD and DVD can be ordered by clicking on the disc below.

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