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Last updated 25th July 2019

FLF – National Office

The Flame Lily Foundation (FLF) has a National Managing Committee which is elected at each annual General Meeting by delegates from the Branches. The purpose of the National Managing Committee is to represent the interests of the Association at national level. The National office is situated in Pretoria.

National Managing Committee

Chairman: Mike Russell

Vice-Chairman: Vacant

Honorary National Secretary: John Redfern

Treasurer: John Parsons

Contact Person

John Redfern (Honorary National Secretary)

Telephone: +27 (0) 12 460 2066

Fax: +27 (0) 86 6484794


Postal Address

P O Box 95474
South Africa


Honorary President: The Honourable Mr Justice H.G. Squires

Please click HERE for the Obituary for the Late, The Honourable Mr Justice H.G. Squires.

Please click HERE for the Eulogy for the late, The Honourable Mr Justice H.G. Squires.

Honorary Vice-Presidents:

Air Vice Marshal C.W. Dams (UK)

Professor J.R.T. Wood

Mr J.C. Pirrett

Mr L.C.W. Walter


The Rhosarian, published annually. (Front cover with contents)

The Rhosarian, previous editions available below.

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Flame Lily Abridged Gazette (The FLAG), published every two months. See Sample Newsletter.


The National Managing Committee shows appreciation to individuals for their service to the Foundation, its members, and the Rhodesian community in various ways. The Certificate of Appreciation is presented for a specific action or service; the Member of Honour certificate is awarded for dedicated service over a prolonged period; and the Order of the Flame Lily is conferred in recognition of outstanding service.

In recognition of their dedicated service to Rhodesia, the FLF conferred the Order of the Flame Lily on the Honourable Ian Douglas Smith (former Prime Minister of Rhodesia), the Honourable Justice Hector N. Macdonald (former Chief Justice of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe and former Honorary President of the FLF), the Honourable Justice Hilary G. Squires (Former Minister in the Government of Rhodesia and Justice in Rhodesia and South Africa), Air Vice Marshal Christopher W. Dams (Former Second in Command of the Rhodesian Air Force) and Colonel John and Mrs Mary Redfern (Founding members of Flame Lily Foundation.)

Order of the Flame Lily scrolls: Ian Smith | Hector Macdonald | Hilary Squires | Christopher Dams


Registered as a Nonprofit Organisation in terms of the Nonprofit Organsiations Act, 1997: 001-747 NPO 

Registered with the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation, in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 1962. PBO number: 930008979

Coat of Arms

Registered by the South African Bureau of Heraldry, 16 October 1987 (Registration number: 1855)

DESCRIPTION Arms (Shield) The wavy line separating the “chief” (white) from the “field” (green) symbolises the Limpopo River. The red lion comes from the Coat of Arms of C.J. Rhodes and the British South Africa Company (holding the elephant tusk) symbolising the history and heritage of Rhodesia. On either side of the Rhodesian Lion, the Protea and the Flame Lily, being the national flowers of South Africa and Rhodesia, symbolises both cultures in one country. The gold pick is derived from the Rhodesian Coat of Arms, symbolising prosperity through work. Crest (above the helmet) The Sable Antelope, national animal of Rhodesia and part of the Rhodesian Coat of Arms, rises proudly, symbolising the spirit of Rhodesians.

Wreath and Mantling

Green and gold, the colours of the wreath and mantling of the Rhodesian Coat of Arms, symbolises the rich vegetable and mineral resources of both Rhodesia and South Africa.


SIT DIGNITAS EX UNITATE – may worthiness arise from unity.

“Sit … digna” from the motto of Rhodesia; “ex unitate” from the motto of South Africa in 1980.


Rhodesians (the Lion) have translocated their culture (the Flame Lily) across the Limpopo River to share the culture of South Africa (the Protea).

The Rhodesian spirit (the Sable) rises indomitable from a proud history and heritage.

Our reputation as a community depends upon our ability to unite for the benefit of all.

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