Frequently Asked Questions

“Keeping the Flame alive”

Last updated 24th May 2019


Who is eligible to become a member?

Any former resident of Rhodesia, or their descendant, or a South African resident over the age of 18 years who is willing to assist in furthering the objects of the Foundation (see Mission Statement).

What constitutes a Privileged Member?

Anyone who is eligible to be a member but cannot afford the annual subscription may be granted Privileged Member status.

Does annual membership run from 1 January to 31 December?

No. Membership is for the financial year: 1 April to 31 March.

What if I join part way through the year?

If you join after 1 November, your membership fee will carry over to 31 March in the following year, ie. for up to 17 months.

If I am married, can I take out membership for a single person should my spouse not want to be a member?

Technically yes, but your wife will enjoy the benefits of your membership, so we expect you to pay the rate for a couple.

My spouse is not a former Rhodesian. Does he/she qualify for membership?

Yes, if he/she is a resident of South Africa. If you take our Life Membership, your spouse will automatically become a member as well.


Is the Flame Lily Foundation linked to any other organisation?

The Flame Lily Foundation is an independent organisation and is not directly linked to any other organisation. Other constituted organisations that support the objects of the Flame Lily Foundation may become affiliated to the FLF.

When is the name “RASA” used, and when “Flame Lily Foundation”?

The Flame Lily Foundation is the overall body, which incorporated the various branches of RASA (the Rhodesia Association of South Africa) under one constitution. Each branch may use either term in its title, and most members prefer to be identified with Rhodesia.

Isn’t RASA just an association of “when wes”?

A reading of our mission statement will indicate the welfare and historical archival activities of the Association, in addition to its social activities, which are also aimed at making former residents of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe better assimilated into South Africa. Naturally when people of similar backgrounds get together there is always an element of reminiscing about past experiences and places, but this is not a planned part of FLF activities.


Are only members entitled to the services offered by the Flame Lily Foundation?

Services are mainly for the benefit of our members. However, if a person can’t afford to become a member, the Branch providing a service may provide the service free of charge. Those who can afford to subscribe, and who choose not to do so, may be asked to make a financial contribution for services rendered.

Non-members who request a service maybe provided with an invoice, or be asked to make a donation in lieu thereof.

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