Stilfontein Accomodation

The FLF has bought several houses in the town of Stilfontein (near Klerksdorp) in Northwest Province for the benefit of our senior citizens.

Each house is divided into two or three self-contained flats. The flats are for persons over the age of 60 who are still capable of looking after themselves. Rents are market based, and may be subsidised by the Flame Lily Foundation if the tenant is unable to meet the market rate. Tenants pay for their own electricity, while water is subsidised by the Flame Lily Foundation, and other municipal services are free.

Applications for a flat at Stilfontein should be directed to the National Secretary at the National office in Pretoria. Four of the houses have been named after Rhodesian Pioneer forts, namely Tuli, Victoria, Charter, and Salisbury. The fifth house is named after the last Chief Justice of Rhodesia, Hector Macdonald, who was the Honorary President of the Flame Lily Foundation for several years.

There is a thriving community of former Rhodesian residents living in Stilfontein, and a good support system is in place there for our pensioners. One flat is reserved for emergencies and for the relatives of our residents who might want to stay overnight when visiting their family members.

See more information on the Flame Lily Foundationís accommodation for our pensioners. (PDF format)

Victoria House (foreground) and Tuli House (background).
Other Houses adjacent to these are Salisbury House and Macdonald House.

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